Weekly Meal Plan March 26th, 2017

Weekly Meal Plan March 26th, 2017- Country Mouse City Spouse

Weekly Meal Plan March 26th, 2017

Welcome to our weekly meal plan for the week of March 26th, 2017.

Spring is in the air this week, and I’m hoping that the weather agrees with me so that we can get the grill out.  I love to barbecue, and I have a few side dish recipes coming for your picnic and barbecues coming very soon.  Spring makes me antsy to get to cook outside.  Well, to do anything outside makes me happy.  I’m not a fan of being cooped up indoors.

Each week, I get our meals for the entire week planned out so that there are no surprises to our grocery budget. City Spouse wouldn’t really care, as he’s a fast food addict, but I’m of the mindset that home-cooked is ALWAYS better- both in taste and in nutrition.

Having a Plan

Having a plan ahead of time helps not only avoid arguments with your family but helps streamline your grocery shopping.  You will already know exactly what you need so you can get in and get out without having to wander aimlessly around the store.  This haphazard method of shopping is costing you both time and money.  How many things do you come home with that you don’t really need.

Eliminate Food Waste

Not only does this help save you money by not buying things you don’t need, but it helps you to save money by eliminating food waste within your home.  Having a clear plan of what you are buying and when it will be used can help to keep the amount of food you end up throwing away to a minimum.  If you have a small household, planning a day to eat the leftovers (as I do) can help even less of your hard earned grocery money from going into the trash.

Keep It In Sight

I have a sheet that I write down what we are having and post to the refrigerator. First, I shop in the freezers (yes, we have two) and pantry to see what we have on-hand that I can use instead of having to purchase it. I then go back to the pantry and see what I already have there to supplement the main dishes.

Some weeks I plan for snacks and/or desserts, and some weeks I don’t. It really just depends on the week and what my to-do list looks like.

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I’m also including the coupons that I will be using this week, either with my meal plan or for stock-up items.

I hope you all enjoy!!

Weekly Meal Plan March 26th, 2017


Cheesy Tortellini


Ceasar Salad Wraps


BBQ Chicken




NY Strip & baked potatoes


Grilled Balsamic Steak Kebobs


Penne al a Vodka

Do you plan in advance? I’d love to hear what on the menu at your home this week!

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What Coupons I’m Printing This Week!!

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Weekly Meal Plan March 26th, 2017- Country Mouse City Spouse I meal plan almost every week. It isn't anything fancy, but it helps keep us on track and away from takeout. Visit to gain a little inspiration for your own meal planning efforts.

Weekly Meal Plan March 26th, 2017


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