Top 3 Most Overlooked Blog Promotion Tactics

Top 3 Most Overlooked Blog Promotion Tactics- Country Mouse City Spouse Is your blog traffic not up to par? Want more visits to your page? Make sure you are implementing these.

Top 3 Most Overlooked Blog Promotion Tactics

A lot of bloggers post great content that just does not get the traffic it deserves.  I have the same problems here at Country Mouse City Spouse.  I post what I think is a great post, something that could benefit a lot of people, but the numbers aren’t as great as I would like them to be.  By trial and error, here are the top 3 most overlooked blog promotion tactics that have worked for me.

Ping Your Content Daily

So many of us promote our new post the day that we hit “Publish” and hope that the internet just runs off with it and does all of the rest of the work for us.  Unfortunately, there are so many other blogs and posts that may be similar in content that our’s will be overlooked.  Of course, I ping my post the day that it is posted, but even if I do not have a new post, I go back to the archives and ping another post.  Making sure that you are bringing to center stage all of your posts, not just the new ones, encourages new visits.  Visits from people who may have forgotten that they wanted to come back and read more from your blog.  Make sure you visit and bookmark PingoMatic and add pinging posts to your daily promotion schedule.

Joining in at Link Parties

It is amazing the amount of traffic that I get in the weeks that I have a post featured at any of the link parties I frequent.  Having your post highlighted at the top of a large (or upstart) link party gets your blog shown to tons of readers that may not even be in your niche or looking for that particular topic, but one of my favorite sayings is, “Sometimes people don’t know what they are looking for until they find it.”  This is exactly what happens when you get your posts up into other blog’s link parties.  Another blogger will see your post and realize that it is something that they may like, even if they were not directly looking for it.

Make sure that you follow the rules to each blog’s link up, as they differ from site to site.  I have an EXCEL spreadsheet that I use to keep track of what parties I have linked which posts up to.  It keeps me on track and organized.  I also add any features to the spreadsheet and the date featured so I can track how many page views each feature brought to my blog.

(If anyone is interested in a copy of my spreadsheet, let me know and I will get it uploaded as a shareable file for you.)

Check out some absolutely awesome link parties on my Ultimate Link Party List page here.

Commenting on Other Blogs

This is so overlooked as a good strategy for self-promotion, but it really works.  The key is to post comments to other blogs in your niche, and make sure that you do so regularly.

Start with finding 20 other bloggers within your same niche.  Google some of your own topics and find similar blogs.  Make sure you pay attention to which ones keep coming up repeatedly and which blogs seem to respond regularly to comments.  These are the ones that you want to follow and make sure to start a relationship with.

You are not “highjacking” their blog.  The point of using comments is to not only benefit yourself but to help build a relationship with the blog’s proprietor.  (I think a lot of our success is dependent upon the networks that we build within our fields of expertise.  What better way to build relationships but to start a conversation?)

Every day, add commenting on 2 of your chosen blogs to your promotion schedule.  Make sure that you are posting personalized comments based on the post.  (So make sure you read the post!)  Because you are focusing on similar blogs, you may also be an expert on the topic, so adding a valid opinion or question that you may have been asked on the same subject matter will not only create a name for you but help the hosting blogs readers.

Make sure that you find a balance between adding your insight without offending the original poster.  The internet is a touchy place because we are reading conversations and do not have body language or tone of voice to help interpret meaning.  Be polite and respectful at all times in your commenting.

Have any other items that you think help grow your traffic that other’s may not be aware of?  I would love your input and comments on how YOU promote your posts.


Top 3 Most Overlooked Blog Promotion Tactics- Country Mouse City Spouse Is your blog traffic not up to par? Want more visits to your page? Make sure you are implementing these.


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