Three Reasons to Start Using Yummly Today

Three Reasons to Start Using Yummly Today- Country Mouse City Spouse

So a few days ago I discovered Yummly and my heart skipped a beat!  Yummly is a fabulous site for finding yummy recipes to make AND it’s a hidden gem for bloggers to promote their recipes.  Once you learn how to use Yummly it becomes just as addictive as Pinterest!

Collect Recipes You Want to Try

Not a blogger?  No problem!!
I now use it to privately keep track of recipes I want to try.  There are no people to “follow” or status updates to “like”, and definitely no “tweeting” anything (unless you want to that is!!)  ….it’s just pictures of scrumptious looking food and a YUM button.  There is a search feature if you’re looking for a particular type of dish (American, Indian…)  or you can just browse categories or even have Yummly make a suggestion based on what you’ve already YUM’d.  All you do is click the YUM button and it automatically saves the recipe to your recipe box.

If you’re like me and crave organization then you can sort all of these recipes into Collections.  For example, all of my recipes from this site are in my Country Mouse City Spouse Collection (or will be as soon as I get them all migrated into Yummly!!). You can make any kind of Collection that you want– Chicken Recipes, Slow Cooker, Snacks, whatever you like!!

Three Reasons to Start Using Yummly Today- Country Mouse City Spouse

Organize Your Own Recipes

You can even enter in your own recipes and purge all of those note cards you have laying around (or magazine clippings, or scraps of paper). Or ask a cooking question when you have them!

A great option I see is to organize all of your family favorites into one Collection, to aid in simpler and quicker meal planning.  Have a To Try type Collection also, and choose one from that Collection to try.  But having a Collection that you know your family already loves could streamline your process so much more.

Yummly is a great way to search for new recipes!  When you click on a recipe you see how many times it’s been “YUM’d”, the ingredients, the calorie estimate, how long it takes to cook, an easy to print button, a click to email button, etc.

Get More Traffic to Your Site

Now, if you’re a food blogger you’re going to adore Yummly more than any social network out there!  Once I installed the YUM button on my site I started seeing a nice traffic boost that has progressively grown every day! And the greatest part is……I don’t have to remember to go post regularly.

You can either add the YUM button directly or if you use a social sharing plugin like SumoMe, Shareaholic, Simple Share, etc. you can add it through those.  I use SumoMe and love them!  But I’ll have to talk about why I can’t live without that in another post.

Whenever I publish a post I go to that post and click the YUM button. That’s it!  Okay, I do put it in my Country Mouse City Spouse Collection but that’s for my own design goals…..the post is now out in the Yummly world!

From there people visiting my site will click the YUM button-  raising my YUMs and then visitors from Yummly will come across my post and click the YUM button.  The more YUMs you have the more likely your recipe will show up in searches.

But, unfortunately, you can’t modify anything about your YUM’d post. So that means there’s no editing the photo (the site chooses it automatically).  There’s no editing the text (also automatically chosen from your post title).  Once you’ve YUM’d your post you can only do it once.  So it’s different than Pinterest because you can’t pin to multiple boards or keep pushing it out there.  It’s a one time deal.  (A little scary, I know!)

So get out there and start using Yummly!  You’ll love watching your traffic soar!!

Have you used Yummly before? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Three Reasons to Start Using Yummly Today- Country Mouse City Spouse

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