Monday Mish Mash Link Party #002

Monday Mish Mash Link Party at Country Mouse City Spouse

Monday Mish Mash Link Party #002

Welcome to the 2nd week of the Monday Mish Mash Link Party!!  I’m so glad you found us, and I want to thank those of you who participated last week!!  You all have some great content!!

Before I get to my favorites from last week, I wanted to take a minute to share why I wanted a link party to share everyone’s best content, not just a specific niche.  I am a big fan of variety.  I love looking at the things that are important to each of you.  I also believe that sometimes the Universe puts in front of us what we NEED to hear/see instead of what we are looking for.  By letting everyone post whatever is in their hearts that moment, we are possibly sharing just the thing someone else needs to see at that moment in time, without them having to Google what they THINK they need at that moment.

Help Your Sick Kids Feel Better One Squeeze at a Time by Zoo Keeper Momma

 I absolutely loved this post.  Such an inventive and resourceful idea!!  Make sure you check out her blog.

Dear 2016 Me #BehindTheBlogger

Dear 2016 Me a #BehindTheBlogger Prompt from Fashion Beyond Forty

This post was marvelous, and the concept of the #BehindTheBlogger prompts just resonated with me.  Such a wonderful idea on getting to know more about the person behind the keyboard.  I love the Blogger Community, and I think that this just reinforces building relationships within the community.  Check out more here.

Painted Branches & Paper Hearts Valentine's Day Centerpiece from Life, Kids and the Pursuit of Sanity

Painted Branches & Paper Hearts Valentine’s Day Centerpiece from Life, Kids and the Pursuit of Sanity

I absolutely love this craft idea!!  There are so many cute scrapbook papers and things at Hobby Lobby to use with this!!  And it would be so cute if you added in photos of your lovies.  🙂  I’m going to have to make this when I get a free moment… I just love it sooooo much.  (Now, to find a similar pitcher!!)  Check out this creative blog here.

I truly loved everyone’s contributions!!  You are are so talented and diverse!!  I wish I could hug every one of you for the wonderful things that you share!!

(PS.  Just because you aren’t featured doesn’t mean I don’t love your stuff, I just picked my top 3, and let me tell you, it was HARD!!)

Each week I will peruse all of your links, and feature the top 3 of my favorites in the next week’s link up.  I can’t wait to get started getting to know each and every one of you.

The rules are simple:
1. Post your link via InLinkz (scroll to the bottom).
2. Please follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter (Google+ and BlogLovin are optional).
3.  Grab the Monday Mish Mash button from the sidebar (or below) and add a link from your site.  A text link is also fine, if you prefer to use that.

Monday Mish Mash Link Party at Country Mouse City Spouse
4.  Please click a few of your fellow Link Up contributors.  I want this to grow our communities and find new friends via the blogosphere.
5.  Please link to your own content, and refrain from linking to giveaways or advertising.  I want to learn who YOU are, not what you sell.
6.  Please limit your amount of links to 3 only.  

Links posted below MUST allow for graphic sharing, as I will be using your graphics in future link parties to feature your content.  The best of the best will be featured BEFORE next week’s link party!  Good Luck, y’all!!

Monday Mish Mash will open at 5pm on Monday and stay open for 4 days, closing at 5pm Friday. (All times are in EST.)
Previous Linkers, please note, I’ve extended the amount of time the link party will be open, so that you can share what you post this week too!!

Have fun!!  I can’t wait to see what you have to share with us!!

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