How to Naturally Treat a Toothache

How To Naturally Treat A Toothache- Country Mouse City SpouseHow to Naturally Treat a Toothache

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I’m going to be a little transparent with this:

I despise the dentist.

Yes, I love the feel of clean teeth and I love having them feel and look good (otherwise I wouldn’t have spent the money on porcelain veneers for my front teeth) but something about laying back in a “comfortable” chair with a drill in my mouth just makes me want to run screaming from the room.

For the most part, I take very good care of my teeth.  I brush twice a day, and I floss semi-regularly (ok, I have to work on this) but my problems lie in the fact that I grind when I sleep AND I’m a nail biter.

You guys will very rarely see any photos of me holding anything on here because of my horrible, bit to the quick nails.  I have tried to stop, but I literally have been doing it since, as my Dad puts it, I “grew teeth in”.

Plus the fact that I can only get up enough courage to go to the dentist once a year, I have a few issues in between that I have learned how to ward off (maybe even heal, I don’t know) to maintain some comfort in my daily life.

How to Naturally Treat a Toothache

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How To Naturally Treat a Toothache

My first go to when I get a toothache is Clove oil.  I simply keep this on-hand and put a few drops on a cotton swab then apply to the aching tooth and the surrounding gums.  I don’t know what it is, but it’s almost like applying Orajel without having to worry about whatever nasty chemicals is lurking in that tube.  (The active ingredient is Benzocaine, which they have still not determined if it is safe for pregnant women.  If I have any doubts, I try my darndest to find an alternative.  Learn more about Orajel and it’s side effects here.)

If I keep up with my protocol of Clove oil for more than 2 days, AND I’m noticing swelling or any other signs of infection that doesn’t seem to be dissipating, then I add in my homemade mouthwash to fight off any lurking nasties hiding in there. I have learned (yes, from the dentist) that I have really deep pockets between my back molars and a lot of my aches come from something lodging in there and creating almost a perfect storm for infection.  This mouthwash clears up anything that may be missed from normal brushing or flossing.

Melaleuca Mouth Rinse 

1/2 tsp baking soda
2 tbsp water
2 drops Peppermint essential oil
1 drop Melaleuca essential oil

Mix baking soda & water in a small glass (I use a shot glass).  Once the baking soda has dissolved, add in the essential oils.  Swirl to mix, swish in your mouth for approximately 1 minute and then spit it out.  The melaleuca will help fight off the infection while the peppermint gives you a clean, minty taste.

I use only doTerra essential oils in my home.  Want to purchase?  Go here.

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How To Naturally Treat A Toothache- Country Mouse City Spouse


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