Why You Need the Amazon Fire Stick TV

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We have not had cable in over 6 years.  And honestly, I do not miss it.

Ok, there are times when we miss a football game or something that it would have been nice to watch, but it’s not often enough to warrant the horribly overpriced Time Warner options available.

We still have a Time Warner bill, but only for our internet.  My City Spouse requires high speed internet for his gaming and other techie hobbies, so a slow internet connection is NOT an option for him.  (By the way, this is a CS bill, so I refrain from nagging about how to save money in this area.)

You may be asking why I have a FireStick when a SmartTV is available to me.  True, I can watch Netflix and Hulu through the SmartTV applications, but I am also an Amazon Prime subscriber (I will have to write another post specifically on why I will not give up that subscription.) which means that I have access to streaming media through Amazon also- an application that is no longer supported by my SmartTV.

Enter the FireStick!

Fire TV Stick connects to your TV’s HDMI port. It’s an easy way to enjoy over 250,000 TV episodes and movies on Netflix, Amazon Video, HBO GO, and Hulu, plus games, music, and more

Cutting the cord? Watch the best of live TV on NBC News, NBA, and Sling TV, which includes ESPN, CNN, HGTV, AMC, A&E, Cartoon Network, and more. (Some of these are subscription based, and honestly I do not watch a lot of these so your own experience may vary.)

4x the storage and 2x the memory of Chromecast plus a dual-core processor and 1 GB of memory

No more buffering, ASAP learns what Amazon movies and shows you like so they start instantly

Never miss out. Bring Fire TV Stick with you to watch your favorites away from home, even in hotels and dorm rooms.  (This was a definitely plus for us.  I have a habit of being a binge-watcher of television series, so being able to take this on vacation and trips to family members who do not have access to streaming apps makes this perfect to pack in my bag to hook-up away from home.)

Amazon Prime members get unlimited access to Prime Video, including original programming like Transparent, plus over 1 million songs with Prime Music.  -This is also awesome.  The available playlists through Amazon play through like the radio, but only in the genre you are in the mood for.  I turn on my 90’s Alternative playlist when I’m cleaning the house!!  

All in all, for the price of the FireStick, there is no better option in my opinion.  I honestly love using it

Amazon Prime Video Free 30 Day Trial

Amazon Prime Free 30 Day Trial

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