Why You Need Freezers!

Country Mouse City Spouse Why You Need Freezers!

Why You Need Freezers™

Country Mouse City Spouse

*This is a sponsored post, in which I received the product for free or heavily discounted in order to write a review.  While I have been compensated, all the opinions and views relating to the product are mine alone.*

If you are anything like me, you have a refrigerator in your kitchen that makes ice for you.  I think most of us do, and when it comes to ice cube trays, we have the opinion that they really are not necessary since we have it in the door of the fridge.

But as the summer gets closer to being upon us, the heat and my need for ice increase to a point where my in-door ice maker just cannot keep up.  I need to freeze more in order to keep ahead of all the ice tea, barbecues, filling coolers for picnics, etc.  While I have the old style ice cube trays in my house, I find that the cubes are too small, they eventually get a weird taste and smell in the ice, and it’s just a cheap product altogether.

Honestly, the old ice cube trays are in my top dresser drawer as jewelry organizers now.  I really don’t like them in their original use that much.

I am so glad that I found Freezers™.  The silicone trays make freezing the perfect cube a bit easier.  While still not a perfect method, it is way better than the old way!

What I love about Freezers™

*Cube Size.  Each tray contains 15- 1.25 square inch ice cubes.  The square cube is awesome and seems to somehow make the ice melt slower.  This is perfect for me to chill a glass of wine without watering it down to wine-flavored water; which I hate.  The little square cube seems to fit into my glass better to allow the drink/liquid to flow around it without the need to stir at all.  This is perfect for soda or any carbonated beverage that as soon as you over stir, it looses all of its fizz.  And I hate flat drinks.

*Material.  Made from BPA-free rigid yet flexible silicone, Freezers™ are way sturdier than I expected them to be.  I have silicone bakeware in my kitchen, and I was expecting these to be made of a similar material.  These are way sturdier, and it does flex in order to remove the ice cube, but it’s not overly flimsy causing water to spill everywhere when you try to put it into the freezer.  They are still more flexible than the old style ice cube trays, so it takes a bit of finesse to get them into the freezer without spilling any water.  Or I could just be a clumsy mess- either is a possibility.

* Space Used in my Freezer Drawers.  I filled up both of the Freezers™ that were in the set I received.  The set of 2 trays, each measuring 7.3 x 4.5 x 1.4 in., only filled up maybe a quarter of the space that two old-style ones take up in my freezer drawer.  I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t have to rearrange all of the contents of the freezer in order to get them placed where I wanted them.

What Could Be Improved Upon

*Ease of filling.  Remember how the old-style trays had divets and channels in the plastic that seemed to let you fill from one end and the water would run down and fill every one of the compartments?  These don’t have that feature.  Each of the individual trays needs to be filled separately of one another.  It’s a bit different and difficult when you are used to the other way, but I really did not see this to be a big deal.  I use filtered water anyhow, so using the Brita attachment on my faucet seemed to fill these without too much hassle or time.

*Noticeably more difficult and time-consuming to remove ice from the tray.  There is no “twist and dump” option with this material.  I twisted a bit to make sure that the cubes were separated from the sides of the compartments, but each individual cube needs to be pushed out with your finger.  One at a time.  I just laid the tray upside down on a clean kitchen towel and pushed down.  It took longer than I’m used to, but it was not too big of a deal.  I think if I was not so spoiled by instant ice in the fridge door, this probably would not have even been an issue for me.

Other Planned Uses for Freezers™

Ok, I’m a little weird.  I actually took the time to measure how much liquid fits into each compartment of the Freezers™ tray.  One cube is the equivalent of 1/4 cup.  This is awesome to know, because now I know that this summer as I make pesto and other goodies for in my freezer, to make 1 cup of anything I freeze, it’s 4 cubes.  How amazing is it to freeze broth in these, pop them into a freezer bag and know that pulling out 4 cubes will give you 1 cup of broth for use in your recipe?

I’m really excited about all the potential uses for Freezers™.  I will try to keep you all updated on their wear and tear as I use them, and of course, post all the yummy recipes of the foods I plan to freeze in my new Freezers™.

Country Mouse City Spouse Why You Need Freezers!

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