Monday Mish Mash Link Party #006

Monday Mish Mash Link Party at Country Mouse City Spouse

Monday Mish Mash Link Party #006 at Country Mouse City Spouse

Welcome back to the Mish Mash!!

Thank you so much to all of you who are participating each week!  I love seeing all of your content and exploring your blogs!!

I don’t think I have mentioned this in the past Mish Mash’s, but I am also making sure to Pin, Tweet & otherwise share all of your posts!  I just love everything that gets posted here so much!!

So make sure you are following my Monday Mish Mash Pinterest Board to find all your contributions in one place!  (PS.  I will pin it to more than one board if at all possible… and I try to pin everything into my personal Pinterest account too!!)

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Each week I will peruse all of your links, and feature the top 3 of my favorites in the next week’s link up.  I can’t wait to get started getting to know each and every one of you.

How to Live When Rent is 50% of Your Income: twentysomethinginthe2010s.comHow to Live When Rent is 50% of Your Income @
This post really stood out to me, not because I’m poor (well I am, but that’s not the reason) but because even though we live in a society that pushes us to “keep up” with those around us, and it makes it hard to see any hope of ever doing anything but “surviving”.  Ashleigh speaks from experience that you can have super-high living costs and still find a way to have a life.  I just loved this post!!

Crock Pot No-Boil Manicotti @ Blooming On a BudgetCrock Pot No-Boil Manicotti @ Blooming on a Budget
This just looks amazing!!  I love manicotti, as does City Spouse, but it’s so much work that we just don’t eat it at home very often.  (Well, he doesn’t know why, but he knows not to ask for it. LOL)  This method may be our salvation!!  Okay, maybe that’s a little over the top, but when we have to wait until we can afford to go out somewhere to eat to get this dish, it’s definitely a blessing to find an easier way!

Geocaching with your kids: Life, Kids and the Pursuit of SanityGeocaching With Your Kids @ Life, Kids and the Pursuit of Sanity
Ok, I have never, ever been geocaching.  Honest.  I don’t know why.  I have friends that do it, and pseudo-family that do it… but I’ve never done it.  But, honestly, I think that the idea of getting the young ones involved in it is awesome!!  Talk about a great way to occupy both their minds and their bodies!!

Thank you to everyone who participated!!  I have a super surprise for you all!!  I made a Featured Button for you to snag!!!  Thank you so much for joining me.

I was Featured at Monday Mish Mash Link Party with Country Mouse City Spouse

On to this week…..

The rules are simple:
1. Post your link via InLinkz (scroll to the bottom).
2. Please follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter (Google+ and BlogLovin are optional).
3.  Grab the Monday Mish Mash button from the sidebar (or below) and add a link from your site.  A text link is also fine, if you prefer to use that.

Monday Mish Mash Link Party at Country Mouse City Spouse

4.  Please click a few of your fellow Link Up contributors.  I want this to grow our communities and find new friends via the blogosphere.
5.  Please link to your own content, and refrain from linking to giveaways or advertising.  I want to learn who YOU are, not what you sell.
*Links to your own Link Parties are welcomed!  Let me know if you would like it added to my Other Places I Party page!!*

6.  Please limit your amount of links to 3 only.  

Links posted below MUST allow for graphic sharing, as I will be using your graphics in future link parties to feature your content.  The best of the best will be featured BEFORE next week’s link party!  Good Luck, y’all!!

Monday Mish Mash will open at 5pm on Monday and stay open for 5 days, closing at 5pm Saturday. (All times are in EST.)

Have fun!!  I can’t wait to see what you have to share with us!!


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