Monday Meal Plan April 25th, 2016

Meal Plan Monday April 25th, 2016- Country Mouse City Spouse

Meal Plan Monday

April 25th, 2016

Each week, when I have time that is, I try to get our meals for the entire week planned out so that there are no surprises to our grocery budget.  City Spouse wouldn’t really care, as he’s a fast food addict, but I’m of the mindset that home-cooked is ALWAYS better- both in taste and in nutrition.

I have a sheet that I write down what we are having and post to the refrigerator.  I first shop in the freezers and pantry to see what we have on-hand that I can use instead of having to purchase it.  I then go to the pantry to see what I already have there to supplement the main dishes.

Some weeks I plan for snacks and/or desserts, and some weeks I don’t.  It really just depends on the week and what my to-do list looks like.  Since the weather looks really nice and warm this week, I am going to plan on a cobbler with ice cream to have on hand for the warm Spring evenings with the windows open.

I’m also including the coupons that I will be using this week, either with my meal plan or for stock-up items.

I hope you all enjoy!!


Tuna & Noodles
(pre-assembled Sunday to save time on Monday cuz I hate cooking the first day back to work)


Hamburgers on the grill with french fries
(weather permitting)


Chicken Parmesan Casserole with green beans


Turkey & Dumplings 
(freezer to crock pot meal)


Leftovers Day


Tequila Lime Chicken with potato & asparagus foil packets
(on the grill; weather permitting)


Chicken Alfredo Casserole with salad

I just realized that I’m in a casserole mood this week… and pasta heavy.  Some weeks are like that around here while others are more skillet oriented or crock pot.  It just depends on what I have around to plan with.

Making sure that you shop first from what you have on hand really keeps your grocery budget to a minimum.  I think that the only things I really need from the grocery are the potatoes and salad fixings.  And of course the staples of milk and coffee.

Do you plan in advance?  I’d love to hear what on the menu at your home this week!


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Meal Plan Monday April 25th, 2016- Country Mouse City Spouse

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