How I Use Google Calendar


How I Use Google Calendar

Some time ago, I told you all why I still use a paper planner (see 5 Reasons I Still Use a Paper Planner here) but I also use Google Calendar on my iPhone to make sure I keep up on other appointments and such.  Why do I have a love/hate relationship with Google Calendar??  

Why I Love Google Calendar

First off, it’s convenient.  As much as I want to be off-grid, it’s just not feasible for me right now with so much going on that I need to be connected to everyone.  I’m still trying to help Dad recover from hip surgery, but I have to go back to work so I don’t lose my job.  So, having a schedule with me at all times instead of having just a paper planner that I may not be able to get to quickly is a must for me.  As of right now, I have at least 8 appointments in my calendar that are his, not mine.  I have to keep up to date on phone calls for him, appointments, medical records (I have a Health Power of Attorney), and other general things that need to be taken care of.

I can add to my Google calendar in my phone, on my computer, on my laptop or even on City Spouse’s phone (using the shared calendar function).  There have been times that I’ve been driving or otherwise indisposed that I just cannot safely add anything to my calendar.  If City Spouse is with me, I just confirm the appointment or information with the person I am speaking with out loud, and CS will enter it into his calendar and share it.  It makes life a little bit easier, and I don’t stress so much that I’m going to forget the appointment before I have a chance to write it down.

I also love that I can set notifications to how I want them delivered.  I set appointments to remind me an hour before, things like seed starting and chores to the day before.  It’s nice that I can adjust my notices to how I want them, instead of how the app tells me that they need done.  The options include: none, 10 minutes before, 1 hour before and 49 hours before.  Or the Custom option, which means you can set up the notification however suits you best.  I love that.

You can also set up recurring notifications.  Say every week at 9am on Saturday you have Book Club.  You can set that to repeat every week at the exact same day and time.  You can set these up for every day, every week, every month or every year… or once again, the Custom option.  The notification you set up for the event also repeats.

How awesome is that?  Set it up one time, and you never have to do it again??

What I Don’t Like About Google Calendar

Now… as with all things, there are some things that Google calendar does that I don’t like.  (It’s technology, so it’s to be expected, right?)

It’s an app, so the “prettiness” factor is pretty much out the window.  You have different colors you can set, so you do have the option of color coding in your Google calendar, but that’s it.  You can’t really add images or stickers or glitter (sorry… I had to throw that in. LOL) to pretty it up and make it all YOU.  Everyone gets the same functions and “feel” to the calendar.  You can change the background (as I did in the title of this post screenshot) but that only shows up on your computer (and laptop; I don’t know about tablets, I don’t use one) and not on your phone.

There is no good way to set up a “To-Do” list on Google calendar.  It’s a calendar that’s it.  I’m a list maker, so I still have my paper planner in order to do my lists and brainstorming in.  It’s not a perfect set up to have two different things going on, but it’s what is working for me, so I do it.

Have your own calendar app that you like better?
Have a method for keeping your schedule in line that’s all your own??

I would love to hear what works for YOU!!

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