Free Printable Household Binder Starter Kit for Subscribing!!

Free Subscriber Printable Household Binder Starter Kit

Who doesn’t like FREE stuff??

I am offering to my subscribers this Free Printable Household Binder Starter Kit!!

I live and breathe by my planners, and make the time every day to update them.  By keeping them updated each evening, I save way more time than I spend updating them!!

 Don’t believe me?  Try it for a month and just see how much smoother your daily life goes!!

Want these FREE printables to get your own household binder started??

I’ve created a Utility Bill tracker to keep your household expenses in the front of your mind.  We all know we can lower our bills with a little more focus, and seeing just how much you spend each month on these necessary costs will help you identify problem areas and come up with creative ways to get these bills lowered over the course of the year.

Country Mouse City Spouse Utility Bill Tracker


a Project Cost Tracker (so you can keep track of how much you are spending on your hobby, remodeling project, or anything else that requires a little time and patience to complete)…

Country Mouse City Spouse Project Cost Tracker


a Checkbook Register, because having access to household spending is a MUST for a truly functional household.  I recommend more than one account (more like 4) for a truly healthy financial household, but I like to have one for the Household Account handy to everyone who helps (or hurts) the cost of running our household.  Having a visual idea of just how much gets spent where is a reality check for us all!!

Country Mouse City Spouse Checkbook Register


and a Budget Worksheet to get your New Year started off right!!  Whether you are looking into starting to use Dave Ramsey’s system, or just want to get an idea of where you can find more money to save, this tracker will help you see your TRUE financial status.  We all tend to need a reality check, and what we THINK we spend on specific things is generally not what we REALLY spend.
Use this handy worksheet to truly see where your money is going each month.


Country Mouse City Spouse Budget Worksheet

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