Free Halloween Printables Pack

Free Halloween Printables Pack- Country Mouse City Spouse

Free Halloween Printables Pack

I love Halloween.  Sitting outside letting all of the little ghosts & ghouls enjoy the craziness that is running around the neighborhood collecting goodies.

I love dressing up along with them and handing out candy.  I also keep on hand little toys and lunch bag size bags of potato chips because not all kids pick candy over chips.

I like to make their trip to my house as memorable as possible, so I bag up things a little differently than most others in the neighborhood do.  This year, I’m making goody bags with these printables.

Changes Since I Was Young

It truly saddens me that I cannot bake cookies or brownies or make them popcorn balls.  I would much rather bake them something with love than hand out the big-business fueled high-fructose corn syrup crap that we have to choose from.

I tend to laugh when people tell me it’s because kids have been poisoned.  Which is true, but it wasn’t the media fueled massive hysteria that was portrayed.

“The Man Who Killed Halloween” was Ronald Clark O’Bryan, who laced Halloween candy with cyanide NOT to kill neighborhood children, but strictly to kill his own children in order to collect on their life insurance policies.  Read more here.

Free Halloween Printables Pack- Country Mouse City Spouse

There are two sizes of treat bag toppers included.

A 4×6 (shown on a snack size Ziploc bag) and a smaller 2×3 for the narrower cellophane treat bags.

Free Halloween Printables Pack- Country Mouse City Spouse

I also made some Hershey’s miniatures wrappers.  These are fun to have because I have noticed that a lot of people pick out only their favorites.  This way the kind is hidden until they unwrap it.  (There’s a Trick with their Treat!)

Free Halloween Printables Pack- Country Mouse City Spouse

I have a pillow box that you can fill with candy and tape shut for the kiddos too.  And not pictured are some Halloween tags for adding to twist ties or string closures.  I use them on my own baked goods that I know people will eat.  Not at trick-or-treat.

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Free Halloween Printables Pack- Country Mouse City Spouse Just in time for Trick or Treat! Make your treats the talk of the neighborhood with these cute candy decorations!


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