Five Ways To Save Money In The Bathroom


5 Ways to Save Money in the Bathroom- Country Mouse City Spouse

5 Ways to Save Money in the Bathroom

Sometimes we just don’t think about it.  How much are you spending on supplies that you keep in your bathroom?  How much money are you spending every day as you go about getting ready to head out of the house?

I don’t know about you, but it bothers me how much money I spend on things that I don’t even think twice about using.  We have to shower, we have to use the restroom… so how do I save money on things that are unavoidable?

1.Water consumption: Toilet.  If you have an older model toilet, then the average water use can be anywhere between 3 gallons to 7 gallons per flush.  There are ways to significantly drop this number, however.  The first way is to install either a low-flow toilet flush or a dual flush valve, like this one, to only use the water you actually need to flush the toilet.  The other is to go a little “old school” and use bricks or sand filled bottles in the tank to displace the amount of water it takes to fill the tank, thus conversing the amount of water the toilet uses.  I use 3 20-oz. bottles filled with sand in mine.  But, I’m cheap frugal like that.

2. Soap and shampoo.  Here’s where it gets a little tricky.  We all love our fancy soaps and shampoos that tout claims of fixing damaged hair, leaving us smelling like a mountain spring.  I’m not going to lie: I have some of these expensive products.  I just do not use them on a regular basis.  I use them when we have family events or outings, or when I know it’s “Date Night” with City Spouse.  All other days, I’m just going to work, who cares how I smell for the first 10 minutes I’m there?  After that, I’m just going to smell like the shop and tow motor fumes anyhow.  🙂

I actually make and use my own handmade soap.  Really!  For the cost of soap in a month, I make enough for darned near the whole year.  I make a batch, set back how much we will use for 6 months (which isn’t a lot.  Homemade soaps last way longer than store-bought.) and then list the rest on Etsy or gift it to family & friends to use.  I do the same thing with shampoo.  I make my own shampoo bars, and they work so much better on my hair than any shampoo I’ve ever purchased.  Ok, these aren’t really cheap to make… about $7 a bar, but it lasts me (with past-my-shoulders hair) about 2 months, and I do not purchase conditioner.

3.  Water consumption: Sink.  I’m guilty of this: letting the water run way longer than I need to in order to brush my teeth.  Just the act of turning off the faucet while you are brushing for your recommended 2 minutes can save up to 8 gallons of water!!  Even filling up the sink uses less water!  So, shut that water off, people!!

Want to learn more about how much water you are using in your home?  Visit the Water Use Calculator to get an idea of how much you use and where to save.

4.  Paper & toiletries.  I’m a fanatic about the kind of toilet paper brands we use.  I know there are “bargain” brands out there, that seem like a great deal when you purchase them, but how much are you really saving when you have to use twice as much??  I use Amazon for all of my bathroom supply (paper) purchases.  I typically purchase this, and with the Subscribe & Save option, it comes out to only $0.65 per roll!  Plus it saves me money & time by not having to drive to the store.  I also do this for paper towels and tissues, so it’s not difficult to make sure you have enough subscriptions to get the best discounts.

5.  Not Using Makeup.  This I know is going to be the most controversial of my saving money tips.  Women spend, on a whole, $426 billion dollars a year on makeup and other face products.  (Holy Crap!!)  The average American woman spends approximately $15000 a year to “beautify” themselves.  Giving up these products, which you don’t even need, you gorgeous soul, can save you TONS of money a year.  I have never been one to use any of these things, and honestly, I think my skin is way healthier for it.  I have a friend (I’ll call her Jamie) who is under 30, uses all kinds of makeup and other facial products every day, and she always yells at me for having younger looking skin than her. (I’ll be 40 in 2 months.)  Don’t get me wrong, I have habits that are awful for my skin, like being a smoker, but I don’t have nearly as many crow’s feet, blemishes or age spots.  The only thing that we don’t do differently is the makeup.  We’ve talked at length about it… it drives her nuts. 🙂  So, not only does it save you money, but it actually helps you not age as quickly.  If I’m aging gracefully WITHOUT spending tons of money on products to help me do it, logically, it’s just big corporations telling you that it’s the only thing that works.  But, you know, everything you see on television and the internet is the truth, you know. *Said in a seriously sarcastic voice.*

Do you have tips to save even more money in the bathroom every day?  I’d love to hear how you make the most of your dollar when stocking your bathroom closet!


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