10 Natural All-Day Energy Boosters

10 Natural All-Day Energy Boosters- Country Mouse City Spouse

10 Natural All-Day Energy Boosters

We’ve all been there.  The days that no matter what we do there is just nothing that can cure the lethargic feeling we have.  Every day at work, I witness first-hand the amount of coffee, energy drinks and other caffeine-laden drinks consumed in an effort to create some energy.  The world is a busy & overwhelming place, and it seems that everything we do requires more stamina than we have left.

Working 10 hours a day, I understand the need to find a way to feel more vivacious in our daily lives in order to keep up.  By the end of the day, it seems like my energy stores are completely and totally depleted, however, I still have to go home and take care of the house.  No matter how much sleep I get it never seems that I have stored up enough energy for the day.

Think of your bodily energy the same way that your phone battery works.  You must recharge it once you have expended the amount of energy that you have stored in the battery.  Your body was not meant to keep functioning without the proper charge, and eventually will shut down, exactly like your phone, when you run out of power.

Why is it that we can’t remember to charge our bodies like we do our electronics?  We try so hard to get so much done and neglect the importance of recharging our own energy stores.

10 Natural All-Day Energy Boosters- Country Mouse City Spouse

Here are my 10 favorite natural ways to find more energy to keep yourself going during the hectic days we all call life.

 1.  Splash Cold Water on Your Face.

This simple technique literally wakes up your brain by forcibly switching it from sleep mode to wide awake.

2.  Stretch

Sore muscles and feeling fatigued can wear you out earlier than you otherwise would be.  Find a good stretch for your most overworked body part, in my case my shoulders, and do it whenever you feel yourself becoming a little sluggish.  Not sure what part of your body is most in need of stretching?  One spot a lot of us overuse (and don’t even know it) is our neck.  Just a simple neck roll stretch can do wonders.

3.  Eat Breakfast

Sound like a no-brainer?  Considering that at least 31 million Americans* (around 10%) skip breakfast regularly, it could be a clear sign of how overworked and under-recharged they are.  (Are YOU one?)  Skipping breakfast not only increases your energy, but it will improve your mood and keep your blood-sugar level- helping to sustain energy & alertness.

4.  Eat Lunch

Once again, it’s amazing how we overlook the obvious when it comes to energy.  Sustaining those glucose levels during the day can improve your energy.  Even a small lunch, including some protein, a complex carbohydrate, and a healthy fat, can work wonders to get you through your busy day.

5.  Take a Walk

Even if all you manage is a trip to the bathroom, try to keep moving for 10 solid minutes.  When you walk at a decent clip, you increase your metabolism, heart rate, and blood pressure, which all help stimulate your body to circulate more oxygen, giving you more energy.

6.  Challenge Yourself at Supper

I don’t mean run out and eat something you absolutely despise.  Instead, while you are cooking, challenge yourself to use your non-dominant hand to flip the chicken on the grill.  Forcing your body to shift its focus onto how it is moving, turns off the “auto-pilot” function you have running.  This increases your brain’s activity, which in turn creates more energy & sharpness.

7.  Put Your Electronics to Sleep

You head to bed each night with the intent of shutting your body down for the night, yet most of us blatantly refuse to shut down our electronics.  When you start your bedtime routine, turn off your phone, tablet, and any other distraction to ready your body for “lights out”.
*FYI: I read to put myself to sleep, and I use my Kindle to read on.  While it’s not ideal, I simply shut off the internet to it so that I cannot receive any notifications, and I turn the brightness down as far as I can while still seeing the print.

8.  Get Out There

Just like your body needs food for energy, your brain needs emotional fuel also.  Spend some time (quality time, not staring at your iPhone time) together and remember how much these people mean to you.  You’re busting you butt every day in hopes of taking care of these people you love, so actually seeing the fruits of your labor would be a wonderful pick me up.

9.  Take a Warm Bath

Just like stretching, taking a warm bath to relax your muscles can do wonders for your body’s ability to revive itself.  Take it up a notch by adding in some lavender scented Epsom salts or bath beads.  The aromatherapy of the lavender will further induce your body into a relaxed mode.

10.  Fill Your Cup

Drink your water.  I cannot stress enough how vital it is to drink your H2O daily.  I don’t mean just to hydrate because it’s proven that most of the sodas, energy drinks, and even those “healthy” vitamin waters are loaded in sodium, which dehydrates you.  The average human body is made up of between 50-65% water, so it’s no wonder when we don’t drink enough of it and run low our body will suffer.  You can go approximately 3 weeks without food without death being an imminent concern; but after 3 days without water, your mortality is clearly in danger.  So drink up!!

Have any other tricks to boost your energy during the day?
I’d love to hear the methods you use to keep up with your daily life.

*Source: NY Daily News http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/eats/thirty-one-million-americans-skip-breakfast-day-due-lack-time-appetite-article-1.964194

10 Natural All-Day Energy Boosters- Country Mouse City Spouse

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