4 Must-Do Chores for a Perfect Fall Yard

4 Must-Do Chores for a Perfect Fall Yard- Country Mouse City Spouse We all know to rake the leaves and store summer items for winter, but are you neglecting these 4 things?

4 Must-Do Chores for a Perfect Fall Yard

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When it comes to the end of summer tasks, we all know we need to rake leaves, mow the grass (and maybe fertilize and seed it), and all of the fall necessities that occur.  But are your outdoor spaces decorated with furniture and other outdoor entertaining essentials?  If so, they may be getting neglected in lieu of the other chores on your list.  Here are my 4 must-do chores for a perfect fall yard. Continue reading

Live 10/25/2016- Start an Organizing Business Mini-Course!!

Live 10/25/2016- Start an Organizing Business Mini-Course!!- Country Mouse City Spouse

Live 10/25/2016- Start an Organizing Business Mini-Course!!

I don’t often endorse products, but I have to give a HUGE pat on the back to Cynthia over at ProfitableOrganizer.com.  I have personally enrolled and taken her courses, and I can’t tell you how much difference it has made in my own home and the homes of family members who ask me for advice.

If you check out her page, you will see my testimonial on her site. I honestly just loved it all, and while I haven’t personally started a business (I have pursued homesteading and homemaking more passionately) I have used a ton of what I learned from Cynthia in my other endeavors.

Do not miss her FREE mini-course.  Enrollment opens 10/25/2016.

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The course is hosted online with a replay available afterward.  So even if the timing is bad, you can still get all the benefits of this FREE mini-course.

 *Full Disclosure– I am in NO way being compensated by sharing this with you.  Based on my own experience with the course, I am endorsing Cynthia & ProfitableOrganizer.com just because I think YOU can benefit also.*

Amazon Bans Outside Incentive Reviews

Amazon Bans Outside Incentive Reviews- Country Mouse City Spouse

Amazon Bans Incentive Reviews

Effective October 3rd, 2016

Amazon has allowed people to receive free or discounted products in exchange for reviews for a long time. As of October 3, 2016, they have banned that practice, with the exception of their own Vine program. Simply put, they had concerns about the quality of reviews these giveaways were generating.

The exception here is books. Reviewers have long been able to receive free copies of books in exchange for a review, and Amazon will continue to allow that.

Paid reviews for anything have never been allowed, and this has not changed. In the past,  Amazon has banned reviewers for posting paid reviews. This is another step Amazon is taking to try to keep the quality of posted reviews up.

What Does This Mean For Incentivized Reviewers?

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*Recipe* Homemade Limoncello

*Recipe* Homemade Limoncello- Country Mouse City Spouse

Homemade Limoncello

Recently, a friend of mine took a vacation to Italy.  While there, she lost her iPad with all her photos saved to it.  Why she didn’t back them up onto the iCloud I’ll never know, but maybe it had something to do with the fact that she discovered Limoncello.  I keep teasing her that if she had laid off the liquor, maybe she wouldn’t have lost her iPad.

With that being said, she enlisted me to learn how to make this potent liquor for her here at home.

I’m an avid homemade wine maker, mostly for family gifts and for my own consumption, but everyone who has tasted any of my wine has had rave reviews.  So, limoncello shouldn’t be too difficult, I thought.

And it’s not. Continue reading

Monday Mish Mash Link Party #39

Country Mouse City Spouse Monday Mish Mash Link Party #39

Monday Mish Mash Link Party #39

The Link Party where anything goes!!

Welcome, all!! And thank you for returning, participants!!

Canning season is slowly coming to an end.  This week overnight temperatures dipped below freezing, so it was a mad dash to save the last of the tomatoes- including the green ones.  I have plans and recipes coming, so if you still have green tomatoes out there that are going to go to waste, go grab them!  No time to process them yet?  Wash them, air dry and toss into a large Ziploc bag to freeze.  Once thawed and processed, you will never know that they were frozen.

What you may have missed…

Free Halloween Printables Pack- Country Mouse City Spouse

Old-Fashioned Homemade Gingersnaps- Country Mouse City Spouse I love using recipes that I know have been in my family for nearly 100 years. These Old Fashioned Ginger Snaps are one of my favorites, especially in Autumn.

I can’t wait to see what you all have been up to this week!! Continue reading